How was my experience been working with Ducal? Today I want to share with you one of the most rewarding experiences I have had throughout my entire career. Cuenta Platos began in 2015, it all started as occupational therapy to get out of depression. I never imagined this idea would have taken the direction it did throughout the years, it became a project, then a venture and now it is my company.

Cuenta Platos is space, a community, a collection of hand-painted porcelain, a podcast, a book… It is everything and so little at the same time. Is made with love and passion, that has taken me very far. As time went by, many people told me that my project would never be profitable because it was handmade and I did everything myself and this made it impossible to grow as a company or financially. I was very upset, I felt that I was not valued, until the moment came when I realized that I was not appreciating myself… when I appreciate myself, others do too.

I started to value my craft and the art that my hands could create. Suddenly, an opportunity arrived to work with a big company that paid the exact price of all my art. That was my first contact with Ducal, It made me feel so valued and It let me know that there are big companies that want to value art, my work and want to pay what its real value is.

This year I had the opportunity to design 50 plates under the slogan "El Rey de Los Frijoles". It was amazing from start to end, I had total creative freedom and I was thrilled to see the result. I could say I asked indirectly for this project and here is why: My sister was getting engaged, so to hide it from her I invented I had an important event in Antigua Guatemala with the managers of a big important company. I invented the entire story with details and some employees from Ducal I used to work with were involved.

Time went by and my sister got engaged, the plan was a full success. So, I got called by Ducal, to paint some plates for a big event with its managers. My “proposal plan” got real this time, same characters, different surprise. It was not a ring for me this time, It was a project of 50 plates.

This just proved to me that we are capable of creating our own reality by our thoughts, actions and wishes. Working with this company has made me feel so special and valued myself as I did before. I am really grateful with all the people involved in this and I am excited about the future with more plates to paint.

I want to invite all artist and creators like me to never stop dreaming, do not lower your prices If it is not fair and value your craft and art by all means. You are very valuable but no one will value you until you do it first. Thank you for this opportunity and for believing in me as much as I have.

Luchi Cosenza
Cuenta Platos

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