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Since 1969, we share the Ducal® legacy at the table, with a bean recipe improved from generation to generation, to offer the best combination of flavor, softness and nutrition.

We seek to offer the best ingredients so that bite, after bite, we approach a better diet and nutrition for all. Offering a variety of flipped beans, pot beans, medium spicy and flavored

Ducal® is recognized for his career, leadership and variety. For this reason, all the beans® have crowned Ducal® as “The King of Beans”.

We share with the world a better way of living.

• Florida Ice and Farm Compay® (FIFCO) was born in 1908 in La Florida de Siquirres, province of Limón, Costa Rica. It was founded by four brothers of Jamaican origin, as a company dedicated to agriculture and the manufacture of Ice.

• In 1912, the Lindo brothers acquired the Traube brewery and refreshment. From then on, FIFCO was engaged in the beverage business, through its main operation, later known as Cervecería Costa Rica.

In 2006, it continued to diversify with the purchase of Industrias Alimentarias Kern’s in Guatemala. Acquiring among others, the Ducal® brand.

• Subsequently, FIFCO® ventured into the category of bakery and confectionery products, through the acquisition of Musmanni, as well as its distribution through the franchise model.

• Thanks to an alliance with Coopeleche and the commercialization of Mú! and an alliance with Diageo of Costa Rica, consolidated its participation in the dairy category and the wine and distillate segment.

• In 2012, FIFCO® marked a milestone in its history by purchasing the leading independent brewery in the United States: North American Brewery (NAB), today FIFCO USA.

• In 2016, an alliance was announced with Grupo Lala, a Mexican dairy company, which acquired FIFCO’s® dairy production plant, maintaining until now a successful synergy of relations between both companies.

• FIFCO® ventures into a new business model in Mexico in 2020, with a lightweight asset strategy that spearheads the development and commercialization in the country of the Seagram’s Escapes brand.

• FIFCO® currently employs more than 5,500 people in Guatemala, Costa Rica, the United States, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama, with a broad portfolio with more than 1,500 products, solid businesses in retail, hospitality and others.

• If you want to know more, enter https://www.fifco.com

Industrias Alimenticias Kern’s

We are one of the largest and most recognized food processors in Central America.

Our products have stood out for their high quality and natural taste. We specialize in the manufacture of juices and nectars, refried beans, tomato products and soft drinks that are distributed under the brands of: Ducal, Kern’s and Fun-c.

Industrias Alimenticias Kern’s y Cía, S.C.A, belongs since 2006 to Florida Ice & Farm Co, being leaders in the Central American area, with facilities and experiences that allow the development of food products for own brands, and for other companies

We are a thriving company, which is always in search of new products that meet the quality requirements, consumer expectations and the level of innovation required by the market.

Currently our products are distributed in Central America and Ducal® beans are exported to the Hispanic markets of the United States and the Caribbean.


How can you contact us?

If you have questions, complaints or comments related to the brands, you can email us at consultas@fifco.com or contact us at 1801 – 47 – SABOR (72267).

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