The benefits of beans

Super Foods

Beans, a great food of the future.

Beans are not only delicious, they are also incredibly nutritious, with a unique flavor and a creamy consistency to prepare different dishes.

They are ideal for people with diabetes or celiac disease, because they help control blood sugar levels and do not contain gluten.

• Low glycemic rate
Decreases the amount of glucose and triglycerides, keeping blood sugar levels in balance.

• Cholesterol free
They do not contain cholesterol, which helps reduce blood pressure and the chances of heart disease.

• No preservatives
Beans do not contain conservatives since we carry out a process with the highest technology to ensure that we deliver a product with the best flavor and quality.

• Great for the environment
It helps transform nitrogen from the air into a component that plants need to grow. Making the land more fertile so that other plants can flourish.

4 Nutritional Benefits of Beans

1. Nourish

• Macro and Micronutrients
Decreases the amount of glucose and triglycerides, keeping blood sugar levels in balance.

• Vegetal Protein
They are a 100% vegetable source of protein and fiber, which contributes to the growth, formation and repair of body tissues.

• Complex Carbohydrates
They provide complex carbohydrates, which provides energy and a feeling of satiety for a longer period of time.

• Natural source of Iron
They help prevent anemia and fight body fatigue. They are also an excellent source of folic acid and magnesium.


2. Protect

• Reduces LDL levels
Containing high levels of fiber, folate and magnesium, they can help reduce “bad” or LDL cholesterol levels by approximately 5%.

• Protected immune system
It’s a high iron content that allows a good performance of the immune system and improves mental performance and the prevention of anemia.

• 10% Iron Y 18% Fiber
Promotes good intestinal transit and prevents constipation.


3. Energize

• Control glucose levels
Complex carbohydrates help to control blood glucose levels, helping the body obtain energy in a regulated manner.

• Serotonin and Wellness
They are a food rich in magnesium that helps increase serotonin and give a feeling of satisfaction.

• Optimize energy
Being high in fiber and water, it helps you feel full faster and longer, reducing calories in the daily diet.


4. Strengthen

• 6g Protein
A portion of Ducal® beans provides an average of 6g of protein, covering between 10% and 14% of the daily requirement.

• 1/2 Cup Beans
A daily consumption of 1/2 cup of beans (130g) is recommended to take advantage of all the benefits that it offers us in a balanced diet.


Production of Ducal® Beans

A unique food

We know that beans are a super food. Good for your health and for the environment, that is why we are very careful in the manufacturing process of our beans to ensure quality, flavor and versatility in our different flavors and packaging.

Bean making process

Our elaboration process is divided into 7 stages, which go from the reception and cleaning of grains, through cooking and grinding to ensure a correct formulation and homogenization in our recipe.


• Grain washing
From the moment of receipt of raw material we ensure the safety of the product, going through 2 types of grain cleaning: dry and wet to ensure that there are no natural particles, foreign materials or metals.


• The secret of flavor
The grain is put into pressure cookers where it is cooked to eliminate tannins, to increase the digestibility of proteins and carbohydrates, to later go through a grinding system using hammer and mesh mills. Already in the mixing tank, the spices are applied and mixed with an external circuit that allows another control point.


• No preservatives
Through a thermal process using steam autoclaves, we ensure sterilization by heating in hermetically sealed containers to keep our food free of microorganisms and pathogens, allowing food to be stored for long periods of time.

And that is how we managed to share with you a bean recipe that has been improved from generation to generation to offer the best combination of softness, flavor and nutrition.

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